MDPP is a partner on the MTPConnect Researcher Exchange and Development within Industry (REDI) initiative.

The program leverages the expertise of our research, training and industry partners to drive skills development and workforce training, through deployment of an integrated, three-pillar plan.

The $32 million REDI initiative is funded through the Australian Government’s Medical Research Future Fund and will roll out over four years.

The four-year REDI program will:

  • Deliver systemic improvement to Australia’s MTP workforce by providing industry experiences and skills development for researchers, clinicians and innovators
  • Develop an industry-ready workforce with the skills necessary to keep pace with a rapidly changing sector
  • Provide a skills development blueprint across the MTP value chain through a ‘root and branch’ skills gap analysis 
  • Create new training, mentoring and industry placements over the life of the program




Click here for further details on the MTPConnect website