To make sure that our efforts are best placed we have some simple selection criteria for the innovations we support.

What are the selection criteria for innovations that are supported by MDPP?

  • The innovation must be a medical or assistive device – our definition is broad and includes devices, diagnostics, software applications, equipment and instrumentation.
  • The proposed product must be commercially and technically viable and involve innovation.
  • The MDPP must be able to add value to the proposed idea.
  • The proposed project must have a research component - after all, that's where we can add the greatest value.
  • The proposed project must be able to be completed within 250 hours.
  • The proposed project must not have already received support through the MDPP, however we welcome new innovations from previous applicants
  • The application must have the intention to further develop the innovation to ultimately take a product to market.

Much of our funding comes from state governments of Australia and is aligned to targeted industry development strategies. This means that there may be additional selection criteria depending on where you are applying. Your Innovations Manager will explain this at your first meeting.