The Medical Device Partnering Program supports the development of new, high-tech medical devices through facilitating collaboration between researchers, industry, end- users and government, and undertaking rapid research projects that demonstrate proof of concept and de-risk ideas.

Projects respond to real-world problems, with the MDPP providing a platform for carefully identifying and assessing new product opportunities with clinical relevance.

Our team undertakes early-stage technical exploration and market research to demonstrate a product’s potential – providing practical assistance in taking ideas closer to market.

We bring together a network of stakeholders in this process, providing a solid foundation for industry growth.

The MDPP project process works as follows:

  • Inventors from research, industry and clinical settings are invited to submit their product ideas for confidential review and possible selection, for assistance through the MDPP. (Selection criteria apply and eligible applicants will be required to make a co-contribution towards approved innovations). 
  • Our Innovations Team will review the product concept and conduct desktop market research to understand the product potential. They may also be able to connect the client to other resources and information.
  • Upon a positive eligibility assessment, the MDPP will facilitate a technical workshop whereby the applicant presents the project to relevant experts including academics, clinicians, manufacturers, end-users and/or commercial experts. This allows the MDPP and applicant to gather industry feedback to develop a product that would provide benefits over existing solutions.
  • Following the workshop, an application form will be jointly completed by the MDPP and the applicant and submitted to an independent Assessment Panel for approval (based on the selection criteria).
  • Each approved project will receive up to 250 hours of technical expertise a* which may include:
    • research
    • proof of concept
    • prototyping
    • product validation; or
    • small clinical evaluation

The applicant will also receive a product opportunity assessment (feedback from prospective end-users/market review), as well as introductions to potential manufacturers and commercial partners where necessary.

At the end of the project, all results, data, prototypes and intellectual property are released unencumbered to the industry partner, together with a plan for further research and development.

The MDPP has access to a diverse set of expertise from universities and other partners, including specialist research centres, business advisors, government agencies and local manufacturing companies.

*Cash contribution may be required by client

Explore the MDPP process below.