The Medical Device Partnering Program (MDPP) supports the development of novel medical devices and assistive technologies.

We’re an ideas incubator – supporting early stage innovation and technology development.

We’re all about bringing to life ideas for new medical devices – whether they come from a medical professional who sees the opportunity to solve a problem, the user who designed their own solution, a company that sees the opportunity to diversify their product portfolio or an academic who wants to connect their ideas with application. Some come to us with problems to be solved, while others come to us with the solutions that just need the right expertise to make them fly.

We help turn ideas into potential products

Once we know that it’s a great idea, we bring together the expertise needed to conceive or understand solutions: the researchers who have diverse technical knowledge, the clinicians and end-users who understand the problems and how solutions can be used, and even the manufacturers who know how it could be produced.  We do this through a structured workshop, making sure we don’t compromise confidentiality. The outcome is a cleverly designed project to help take the idea to the next stage – and we deliver on that project if our independent expert panel gives us the nod.

We’re well connected

It’s hard for us to explain the intangible benefits our clients get from being a part of our program. We’re well connected to the medical device and manufacturing ecosystem.  As well as project partners we can also connect ideas to the right services at the right time, whether it be patent advice, regulatory advice, product design, funders.

Importantly, we bring end-users and manufacturers together early into the product development stage to validate ideas and ensure the products are valuable to the community.

We make collaboration easy

We accept project proposals at any stage of development as long as there is viable technical and commercial merit. Our streamlined approach to product development allows us to deliver projects quickly and efficiently. With simple (but thorough) agreements and a favourable Intellectual Property model (we don’t take any ownership of IP that is developed during the course of our MDPP projects), it means we can spend less energy on the paperwork and more time developing products!

We serve a clear gap and need in the ecosystem

We are the product incubator for new technology ideas and concepts, providing tangible outcomes and filling the pipeline for business incubators. We enable inventors and entrepreneurs to validate their product ideas by funding the crucial early stage development and “ideas test phase” which other funding programs often deem “too early stage”.

Our aim is to build on the current research and manufacturing capability across the nation and develop Australia’s position as a global leader in the growing medical devices market.