Ventilation management during life-saving resuscitation is being transformed by a local start-up, Abtulus®, who have partnered with the Medical Device Partnering Program (MDPP) at Flinders University to develop a novel Bag Valve Mask (BVM) guidance system.

Engineered by Dr Siavash Noor (Ahmadi Noorbakhsh) of Abtulus®, VentiWatch is a practical, simple and reusable ventilation management solution supporting medical professionals and first responders with the delivery of precise and efficient ventilation during resuscitation.


The cutting-edge sensor technology eliminates the common challenges associated with using BVMs, including inaccurateVentiWatch2 placement and incorrect technique of ventilation, which can cause further complications like delivering less than needed ventilations (hypoventilation) or pushing too much air into the lungs (hyperventilation) of patients in critical conditions.

The joint effort to advance CPR ventilation management was achieved with the MDPP team crafting a custom coil and sensing circuit, complete with sophisticated processing algorithm, to provide accurate estimates of air volume delivery and ventilation timing with real-time feedback.

Placed on the outside of the BVM, VentiWatch connects to the ventilation management device which features a user-friendly interface, colour LCD screen, navigation switch, audible alarms, a micro-USB port and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

First responders can then inflate a patient’s lungs with a squeeze of the BVM to obtain the perfect volume and timing for a successful resuscitation and VentiWatch’s continuous ventilation monitoring system then enables the first responders to safely transfer high-risk patients to hospital emergency departments.

VentiWatch“The expertise, resources, and support provided by the MDPP team throughout the program have propelled my device and company to a whole new level,” remarked Dr Noor, Founder and CEO of Abtulus and inventor of VentiWatch.

“Overall, working with MDPP has been an enriching experience. I look forward to a continued partnership as we bring this life-saving technology to the world.”

Professor Karen Reynolds, Director of MDPP, says VentiWatch has evolved the BVM system into a sophisticated tool with the potential to revolutionise CPR ventilation management. 

“Through every stage of the project, our team of experts have consulted with Dr Noor, refining and optimising his initial design, while preserving its simplicity and reusability,” said Prof Reynolds.

“The BVM guidance system we have built for Dr Noor is the optimal choice in ventilation management support for first responders attending life-threatening emergencies.

We are extremely proud to be supporting the development of a novel medical device designed to deliver a solution that ensures optimal patient care during critical resuscitation scenarios.

The MDPP supports the development of new, high-tech medical devices through facilitating collaboration between researchers, industry, end- users and government, and undertaking rapid research projects that demonstrate proof of concept and de-risk ideas.