Who are you?

Our company has been working on the development of a smart mechanical device to assist with rehabilitation following shoulder surgery. The device was created to allow passive shoulder ROM in the home or clinical setting, by driving the arm along a surface to allow safe mobilisation in the early stages of rehabilitation.

 We aim to deliver an advanced solution to improve clinical outcomes following shoulder surgery, with a focus on patient experience, data collection and enhancing the connection between patient and practitioner. We aim to do this using the physical device, which links to a smart application and feeds data back to the practitioner. Our engagement with the Medical Device Partnering Program has been crucial in guiding and supporting us as young practitioners with an idea, through the process of developing that idea into a physical product and looking towards commercialisation of that product. The initial interaction we had with the MDPP 2 years earlier led us down a path to develop an early stage prototype with Flinders University, and has progressed into a refined and advanced prototype and smartphone application ready for a clinical trial following the MDPP engagement. 

What are your next steps?
  • Undertake a medium scale (20-50 participants) EMG study, likely through Flinders University, to further explore the effectiveness of the device to allow effective passive shoulder Range of Motion. 
  • A small scale clinical trial using the device with early stage post operative patients will follow. To be able to do this, we will be doing a small production run of 5-10 devices to use in the trials.
What was your experience like with MDPP?

We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to be involved in such an outstanding program, and have been impressed by the improvements and progression of our project. The benefits we have found through our engagement with the MDPP far exceed the exceptional physical research and development of our project. It has also provided a pathway of connection between an initial idea and a commercialised product, with the crucial development of relationships with industry experts specialised in the biomedical space in both public and private sectors. We feel this has set us along a path of refined focus towards our goal of a successful commercialised product.

Contact details

Luke Mason  
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Ph: 0413882595
Jono Cabot  
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
Ph: 0411113436