When Scott Blackburn injured himself badly in an accident, breaking both arms and his leg, he was surprised when the Ambulance arrived and treated him with a piece of cardboard.

Thinking there must be a better way, Scott established Fluoro Medical and created their first product, the CAS Splint. He then turned to the Medical Device Partnering Program (MDPP) for assistance to develop their new innovation.

The CAS Splint is an innovative, foldable splint for fractured limbs that requires no training to use and does not have to be removed during x-rays.

The MDPP undertook an end-user trial and survey to validate the current design of the splint and made recommendations for design modifications. The MDPP also provided a market intelligence report to Fluoro Medical.

As a result, Fluoro Medical was able to incorporate pivotal end-user feedback and design recommendations into their modifications of the CAS Splint.

Unlike existing splints, the CAS Splint is waterproof and compact enough to fit into a standard-sized first aid kit, making it ideal for offices, construction sites, schools and homes.

Importantly, the CAS Splint can be adjusted for adult and child-sized limbs and is made from recycled polypropylene sheeting, allowing it to stay on during x-rays so that the patient does not have to undergo additional and unnecessary discomfort.

"Currently, fractured limbs are secured using sling bandages and cardboard splints which can be complicated to secure and which can cause further damage to the injury site if administered without medical training," says Fluoro Medical Managing Director, Scott Blackburn.

"The CAS Splint uses straps rather than bandages, which means that the injury site can be easily accessed by medical staff without having to remove the splint or run the risk of jarring the injured limb further.

"Crucially, it can be applied quickly and easily by anyone who finds themselves in an emergency situation, which makes it a vital inclusion in any first aid kit and a must-have for businesses, travellers, children on school excursions and aged care facilities.

"Given that limb fractures account for approximately 65% of all fall injuries, with forearm fractures being the most common of these, the CAS Splint is a timely and necessary innovation," says Mr Blackburn.

Since coming through the MDPP, Fluoro Medical have partnered with local first aid company St James to distribute the device across South Australia to businesses, schools and the general public.

Fluoro Medical have also sent their second export to South Korea, are in conversations with the USA and signed a distribution agreement, with the hope this will lead to sales in Europe in the near future.

The Splint is also being manufactured locally in the City of Port Adelaide at Enfield and is expected to generate up to 20 new employment opportunities in northern Adelaide over the next three to five years.

The CAS Splint, which also received an Accelerating Commercialisation Grant from the Department of Industry Entrepreneurs’ Program and additional funding from the State Government through TechInSA, has been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration as a Class 1 medical device.

The CAS Splint can currently be ordered online from Fluoro Medical ( or from St James First Aid (