Revolutionising the landscape of healthcare delivery, innovator Hayley Saddington has joined forces with Flinders University's Medical Device Partnering Program (MDPP) to build a cost-effective, clinically guided digital software application tailored for supporting in-home rehabilitation.

The co-founder of Peak Medical, Hayley is a visionary in her field who has exploited artificial intelligence toPeak Medical create an innovative technology which empowers in-home patients to progress their rehabilitation with the confidence of precise clinical guidance.

Replicating the physiotherapy experience, the technology employs an evidence-based clinical approach, directing individuals to customised exercises for continuous improvement between appointments.

Hayley says the idea for the transformative technology came to her as a practical solution in addressing the growing demand for physiotherapist support.

“We can’t scale up the number of human physiotherapists, but, with the help of MDPP we’ve been able to completely redefine the paradigm of care delivery,” said Hayley.

Allowing her to tap into “Australia’s critical startup ecosystem” Hayley says the MDPP provided valuable hands-on resources and connected her to university researchers, engineers, industry experts, and investors who helped bring her vision to life.

“The MDPP tePeak Medical 2am are exceptional, and they’ve got the recipe just right,” said Hayley. “With their expertise we navigated the shift from hardware to a software company, which was a smart play, enabling the rapid scalability and delivery of our low-cost healthcare app to a wider audience.”

According to Hayley, the MDPP’s 250 hours of engineering expertise has helped her to create a core technology with incredible expansion potential across various applications from tissue injury through to paediatrics.

“It is exciting for us to be a company that is transforming healthcare - not only in cost and accessibility - but actively empowering our patients to live their best lives,” said Hayley.

MDPP’s Director Professor Karen Reynolds is delighted to see Peak Medical now positioned as a significant player in the broader healthcare landscape and she is eager for other innovators who are keen to explore the synergies of technology and human-centric care to get in touch.

"By leveraging MDPP, innovators gain access to a robust startup ecosystem that validates their ideas and refines their strategies," said Karen. "Collaboratively, we can forge strategic partnerships that redefine the conventional patient experience and mould the future of global healthcare."