The Australia-China Centre for Personal Health Technologies is a collaborative research Centre led by Flinders University in Australia and Nankai University in China.

The final personal health symposium for the year will be hosted by La Trobe University. The symposium showcases leading experts in the Personal Health Technologies arena from China and Australia.

Presentations include:

1. Nano-liquid Biopsy: New Strategy towards Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Response. A/Prof Yuling Wang, Macquarie University

2. Development of red-to-NIR emissive radical cations and their bio-imaging applications. A/Prof Meng Gao, South China University of Technology

3. Saliva “omics” to identify biomarkers of Alzheimer’s disease. A/Prof Wayne Leifert, CSIRO

4. Small-Molecule AIE Luminogens for In Vitro Diagnostics. Dr. Bo Situ, Nanfang Hospital, Southern Medical University

5. Industrialisation of a novel biosensor for non-invasive bladder cancer diagnostic. A/Prof Melanie Macgregor, Flinders University

6. Background-free luminescence bioassay and imaging using long lifetime responsive probes. Dr. Run Zhang, The University of Queensland

7. Towards Effective Targeted Immunization with Influence Maximization Models. A/Prof Chong Di, Shandong Artificial Intelligence Institute, Qilu University of Technology

8. Synthesis and biomedical application of multifunctional nanoprobes with aggregation-induced emission characteristics. Dr. Hanlin Ou, Nankai University

This project received grant funding from the Australian Government as part of the Australia-China Science and Research Fund program and the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China.

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