Happy birthday to MDPP!

MDPP celebrated 15 years with an event that showcased the history of MDPP, milestones, successes and what's next for the team.

MDPP Director Prof. Karen Reynolds shared the following stats:

💻849 enquiries
📝 207 workshops
🔬126 projects
⭐ 3 major projects

💲💲 Since the beginning of the year MDPP alumni have raised >$10M and since 2020 >$30M.

Special guests included alumni, past and present team members and representatives from our wonderful supporters.

Thanks to Department of Industry, Innovation and Skills for the continued support of MDPP in South Australia.

Thanks to the support of MTPConnect's Researcher Exchange and Development within Industry (REDI) initiative in 2019, MDPP has been able to continue delivering its program nationally.


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