The Biomedical Translation Bridge (BTB) program came to a close in August with a BTB Finale which celebrated the success of all of the funded BTB projects.  The BTB Program was launched in May 2019 and the MDPP were a key partner working with MTPConnect in delivery of the program. Dr Andrew Milligan, MDPP's MedTech Venture Partner for the BTB program, chaired a session at the finale and Prof Karen Reynolds was involved in a panel discussion.

Some highlights of the BTB Program are: 

  • 29 Australian medtech and pharma technologies progressed; 
  • 47 new patent and trademark applications and licences; 
  • 7 new products launched; 
  • more than $150M injected into the MTP sector. 

Dr Andrew Milligan (pictured below) is now taking a similar role as MDPP's MedTech Venture Partner for the Clinical Translation and Commercialisation Medtech (CTCM) Program, delivered by MTPConnect.

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