Sally McArthur

Prof Sally McArthur

Regional Director, Victoria

Sally McArthur

Professor Sally McArthur is the Regional Director of MDPP in Victoria.

Sally joins the team with extensive research leadership, as Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Swinburne University and a CSIRO OCE Science Leader in Biomedical Manufacturing.

Over her career Sally has attracted over $20 million in funding from research councils, industry and government in Australia and the UK – she offers a unique perspective from a portfolio career and her various academic leadership roles at Swinburne and the CSIRO.

Sally’s personal research couples materials, surface engineering, physical science, analytical chemistry and biochemistry. Using these tools, she creates novel interfaces capable of eliciting specific physical and biological responses. Her CSIRO Research+ Science Leader role focuses on the development of 3D tissue model systems as new in vitro test platforms for the biomaterials, pharmaceutical and medical/bio technologies sectors.

Sally has a passion for exploring new ways to link industry and academia to create a new generation of entrepreneurial, innovative and internationally connected researchers who are capable of driving the medical and manufacturing sectors forward in Australia and internationally.

P +61 3 9214 8452 E This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Location: Swinburne University of Technology
School of Software and Electrical Engineering
AMDC Level 8 Hawthorn campus